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Abrasive belt and its classification

  Abrasive belt grinding are coated abrasives (commonly known as sandpaper, Emery cloth), a form of grinding, as early as 1760, the world appeared on the first sheet of sandpaper, but was only limited to manual operation. Until 1900-1910 into the era of machines using sandpaper and Emery cloth and ring method can be used in the timber industry for the first time, this circular grinding with Emery cloth is a prototype of abrasive belt grinding. After 1930, abrasive belt grinding gradually to the metal processing area, during World War II, United States lead in the weapons used in the manufacture of abrasive belt grinding, and achieved remarkable results. In early 1950, the emergence of electrostatic sand belt grinding to a new stage, belt grinding gradually widely. Later, in Europe and Japan have also carried out a study and application of abrasive belt grinding technique, abrasive belt grinding technology gradually developed into a wide range of a complete independent, technical system processing technical field.

  Composition of the abrasive belt

Abrasive belt using the binder to Abrasives bonded paper, cloth can be made of flexible material, such as grinding and polishing of the band tool, it is a major form of coated abrasives. Its basic components are: base materials, abrasives and adhesives, collectively known as belt composed of three elements.

  Classification of the abrasive belt

Due to the three constituent elements of the belt and a variety of characteristic factors of different sand-belt grinding according to different objects, grinding and grinding can be divided into many varieties.