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Abrasive belt how to step up

  Comparison of sandpaper and abrasive belt, belt developed relatively late, but also met with some difficulties at the beginning of development.

  Emery cloth to develop, the opportunity lies in 1959 for the 10 anniversary of the founding of gifts, it was decided that prototype MiG-17 fighter Shenyang liming machinery factory and ninth Institute of aeronautical experts share this project with the help of the Soviet Union, and later in the manufacture of aircraft engines in the process, engine blade wheel was unable to complete processing. Soviet experts suggest using a belt. In this case, Zhengzhou grind sand and three by the second take on this responsibility. Due to the Soviet Union and the country's experts on the sand with a stranger, then in the country with the help of, in the United Kingdom Embassy found in modern English books of coated abrasives. This book is for China to open the door to advanced world coated abrasives. Through the study of this book, Chinese experts began to understand the belt, also began to manufacture belt. In 1960, the first ring belt was born in Shanghai, China, Shanghai grinding wheel factory, was born in.