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Belt manufacturing process and procedures

  Making belt includes the original cloth, large volume manufacturing, reprocessing and 

conversion of a large volume of four processes. Conversion of the life company of sand with finishing production, the first three contractors to complete the process. these four processes are as follows:

1. original cloth

Sand with using of matrix has cloth, and paper and composite base. paper except resistance water paper outside General is not need processing of, composite base is belongs to paper and cloth of composite, sometimes in points for party at directly procurement, or in sand with production factory of original cloth processing line Shang or big volume manufacturing line Shang completed. here do description Burkina Faso processing scraping hair, and burn hair, and off la, and dyeing, and impregnated scraping pulp, and stretch, and pressure light, main process, according to different of requirements selected different of process

Making belt includes the original cloth, large volume manufacturing, reprocessing and conversion of a large volume of four processes. Conversion of the life company of sand with finishing production, the first three contractors to complete the process. these four processes are as follows:

2. large volume manufacture

Large volume manufacturingincluding label printing, coating, sand plants, compound glue, drying process, these procedures are completed on a production line, itis an interlocking production line.

3. large volume processing

Abrasive cloth rolls out from the drying room, to go through a series of process to enter the conversion process. Large volumes of care including back after curing,storage, conditioning, flexibility, etc. After these treatment procedures and abrasive cloth (paper) of performance and quality in order to achieve the intended goals.

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