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Bonding agent for polishing material belt how to adjust

  Binder polishing material belt how to adjust it? Hantong abrasive belt grinding and polishing material manufacturers in the production of sand binder with when it is needed, so as to ensure that we use there will not be any quality problem, so in the end what choice?

  First to see bond agent of performance, effect polishing process and mill grain of reaction capacity and it of strength, bond agent and mill grain Zhijian of reaction capacity good, combined force on more strong, mill grain on more not easy fragmentation and off; bond agent of strength more high, mill grain not only is can bear high of grinding force, and also can makes polishing material sand with has more high of Rotary strength and can not easy rupture, also, bond agent and mill grain of reaction capacity better Shi, for also hardness of sand brings said, by with of bond agent number is can less some.

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