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The advantage of abrasive belt grinding

  Abrasive belt grinding machining surface quality and high precision workpieces in various shapes. Abrasive belt grinding can be processed not only common surface, internal and external surface of the workpiece, also at very high efficiency machining surface quality and precision is higher major or shaped pieces. For example: large area sheet polishing and grinding process. Wheel width of only 1000mm, abrasive belt can do more than 2500mm. By 2012 most wide bandwidth of the sand used in abrasive belt grinding machine of 4900mm. Actual use of abrasive belt grinding in common working width for 50~2000mm, the thickness 0.4~150mm. Its production rates of up to 1000m2/h. The wide belt grinding can be widely used in steel, stainless steel, silicon steel sheet, aluminum plate, copper plate, particle board, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, leather, insulation boards, ceramic plates, and aerospace equipment, ships and nuclear physics research facility for use on large plates of various high precision and low roughness and other surface processing. Engine gearbox section of discontinuous plane, such as precision machining can also use wide belt grinding and forming, and guarantees than the traditional milling, planing and processing have a better sealing surface.

  Continuous grinding process of metal strips or wire. Due to the development of the wide belt grinding to make thin strips have the same over the entire width of grinding conditions, not the local force is too large, resulting in stress and deformation, Leng Zagang, copper, aluminum and other alloy Strip surfaces are suitable for continuous abrasive belt grinding and polishing. The working width is 600~2100mm, the thickness 0.1~2.2mm, Ra3.2~0.1mm surface roughness values, strips running for 3~80m/min. Planetary grinding of stainless steel or other material of coiled wire polishing provides a very efficient and economical processing methods. Known diameter of wire polished 0.8~20mm. continuous operating speed 6~150m/min.