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Abrasive Band Separation And Selection Of Belt

Abrasive Band Particle size indicates the size of the abrasive grains, which is expressed by the mesh number of the effective test screen through which the abrasive grains can pass. The abrasive grain size of the abrasive belt and the abrasive grain size of the abrasive are basically uniform, and the particle size of the two is basically corresponding, and the particle number of the abrasive belt is indicated by the letter P (see Table 2.10). In addition to the fine powder grade abrasive mainly used sedimentation law set, specifically see GB / T 9258.1-2000.

Abrasive Band The abrasive grain size has a great influence on the grinding productivity and the machined surface roughness. In order to ensure the roughness of the workpiece and the processing efficiency, the different requirements of the machining, the type of the machine, the processing conditions, such as the machining allowance, the surface Condition, material, heat treatment, precision, roughness, respectively, Abrasive Band to select the different size of the belt. In general, coarse grinding with coarse grain, fine grinding with fine-grained. In the workpiece material soft, plastic and large grinding area, in order to avoid the belt clogging, and sometimes also used coarse grain size, contact wheel and grinding workpiece contact area between the larger, the higher the cutting speed, the choice of coarse particle size ; High hardness of the workpiece (for hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc.) should be selected moderate strength of the abrasive; Abrasive Band grinding on the outer surface than the use of surface grinding more coarse; because the belt can not be like a wheel can be modified to change the actual The abrasive tip is slightly sized when grinding, so a belt can not meet the needs of grinding from rough to final. Usually from coarse grinding to semi-fine grinding and then to gradually replace the grinding belt to achieve the purpose of reducing surface roughness. In the grinding margin is large, to change the size of the abrasive or even different types of abrasive belt. Compared with the grinding wheel, to obtain the same metal surface roughness, Abrasive Band the choice of abrasive grain size should be fine than the grinding wheel, because the same abrasive particle size, belt removal rate is much higher than the grinding wheel. As the abrasive grain size becomes thinner, the resulting workpiece surface roughness becomes low. Of course, the particle size is not the only factor affecting the roughness, there are other grinding parameters on the workpiece surface roughness.

Abrasive Band The choice of the abrasive grain size of the abrasive belt should be selected as thick as possible, and the longer the particle size is, the shorter the service life is. As the grinding belt grinding efficiency is higher, in the choice of belt size, the grinding efficiency considerations as the second. In addition, some of the thicker belt wear is no longer suitable for high-efficiency material grinding, and the belt life has not yet been terminated, it can also be converted from coarse grinding to fine grinding to continue to use.