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Abrasive Device Classification Is Complex Which Features Are The Most Important

  Classification of the stone industry tools and equipment is more complex, classified according to the source of raw materials, and artificial abrasives natural abrasives for two classes. Common natural abrasive only stone in the machinery industry. Artificial abrasive according to the basic shape and structure of differentiated, grinding wheel, grinding, stone, sand w (more collectively bonded abrasives) and five categories of coated abrasives. In addition, habits as well as abrasive Abrasives type.

  Bonded by common Abrasives bonded abrasives are conventional abrasive materials consolidated into a certain shape, and has a certain intensity of abrasive. Generally abrasive, Binder and stomatal structure, the three elements of this three part commonly known as abrasive.

  Bonded by the different abrasive, can be divided into ordinary Abrasives bonded abrasives and abrasive bonded abrasives. The former conventional abrasive materials such as corundum and silicon carbide, the latter made of diamond and cubic Boron Nitride abrasive.