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Abrasive Industry-wage Effects Talent

  Reporters for some common ground across the country who have recently carried out a number of simple communication, communication topics mainly FRY has been the Internet's public wages. These people are ordinary workers, abrasive professional graduates, and graduate students. Because large amount of the distribution of these groups to better reflect the actual income level of our industry.

  Zhejiang pals reflect the industry wage levels are generally lower, with the phenomenon of rising prices and wages do not rise this year, some of my colleagues chose to leave a career change. He also said the vicious circle of wage consequences of ultra low is a serious, he said: "they're factory workers in addition to daily consumption and no remaining outside the family. And for those so-called technicians, are just not that good. Low salaries make them lose a lot of technical training and further education opportunities. Which led to some part of the reason why this industry is always inferior – unable to innovate. Serious oversupply of low-end products on the international market, companies had to engage in price wars and low price competition, efficiency is very low, no money to increase the wages of workers. Enterprise is the ability to improve staff wages, but it seems to boss people are to put up the money in Exchange for. Employees go, they find some new good is that the technical quality of these enterprises basically nothing technical content and operation. So also survives. It is part of the talent.