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Abrasive Paper Base Paper Selection Errors

Abrasive Paper paper selection errors which, hope that you can give us after reading your valuable suggestions.

First, Abrasive Paper base paper and binder does not match:

As the original papermaking process for coated abrasive production enterprises to produce different quality Abrasive Paper and adjust the corresponding process. For example: copy A-class paper, B-class paper, latex paper raw and auxiliary materials are not the same choice, so the production of Abrasive Paper production enterprises to choose the right binder, in order to match the original Abrasive Paper paper.

Second, the thickness of Abrasive Paper with the same base paper. A coarse, fine Abrasive Paper sand amount, at the end of glue, the amount of glue have a greater difference on the substrate requirements are not the same;

General Abrasive Paper rough to choose the amount of heavy emphasis on Abrasive Paper base paper, Abrasive Paper fine to select the amount of light Abrasive Paper base paper. Two paper smoothness, the thickness of the Abrasive Paper requirements are not the same. Abrasive Paper fine due to small sand, the amount of glue is not, Abrasive Paper surface smoothness is high, the special surface can not have paper wool, Abrasive Paper rough head requires relatively loose some.