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Grinding Wheel In The Future Development Prospects

As early as the Neolithic Age, mankind had begun to use natural grinding stones to process tools such as stone knives, stone axes, bones, horns and teeth, and long ago, humans found a combination of natural abrasives and clay Ceramic grinding wheel; 1900 years ago, the advent of artificial abrasives, the use of artificial abrasives produced by a variety of grinding wheels have been for the grinding and grinding machine to create the conditions for the rapid development. Since then, the proportion of grinding wheel in the abrasive gradually increased.

At present, many of our hardware products in the world's first production, therefore, belong to the hardware industry, the wheel of the natural play a vital role in the grinding wheel to strengthen the production process innovation, improve the level of production technology, open the constraints of product innovation And enterprise technology "bottleneck", the timely application of the new wheel in the existing equipment, to extend its technical life and improve its efficiency in the production source to ensure product quality.

With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, the technical innovation of the wheel is continuously strengthened. In the future, it will become the largest proportion of the Chinese abrasive abrasive category. At the same time, because of the unique advantages of the grinding wheel in the late stage of the grinding industry The promotion of the grinding wheel in the application. According to the analysis, by 2015, China will surpass France to become the world's largest abrasive market, initially expected, China's abrasive abrasive products will occupy the world's abrasive abrasive product demand 3/5, and the grinding wheel as abrasive One of the main product categories, but also faced with a better development situation.