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How To Choose A Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheel are in the range of particle size, in the use of processing objects and requirements to be selected.

First of all, we first look at the general purpose of what we said. The mesh refers to the size range of the abrasive grains.

The size range of abrasive grains, we commonly used in two categories.

12 # -280 # called: sand. W40-W0.5 (or finer) is called fine powder.

XX # is the size of the sieve, that is, the abrasive grain can only pass through the mesh of the number of mesh to indicate the particle size of abrasive particles.

WXX is the size of the measurement, that is, abrasive grain is not the corresponding screen to measure it, with its actual average size to represent him.

Now the abrasive grain size above 280 # is also useful XXX # - XXXX # to indicate the grain size of abrasive particles.

W40-W10 close to 320 # -800 # W7-W2.5 close to 1000-3000. General ordinary Grinding Wheel will be able to achieve W14 (600 # or so).

And then for different materials to choose a different material of the Grinding Wheel. We have a knife to choose white corundum on it. If you want the grinding efficiency is higher, some green silicon carbide is better.

For different grinding requirements also choose the hardness of the Grinding Wheel. Rough grinding as much as possible to choose some soft like ZR level. Fine grinding to choose harder Z or ZY level.