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Pressure Washer To Consider When Using Abrasive

  When the high pressure cleaner using abrasive water jet for cleaning work, needs special attention in security, why do you say so? Below we will explain why.

  When we use the abrasive water jet, you need to pay attention to security issues is: abrasive under high pressure water jet and abrasive particles with very high kinetic energy, if not to prevent, which easily penetrates the skin of the human body, therefore, cleaning must be done on-site protection, is the safest approach. In addition, through the high-pressure pipe high pressure abrasive water jet, also are more likely to produce safety accidents, this is because abrasive water jet high pressure pipe can easily be worn, even ground, which keeps the abrasive particles to penetrate the hose and spray out. Need to remind everyone here is, use abrasive water jet can be recycled directly to the settling tank, but if handled properly, breakdown recovery unit is extremely easy to be abrasive particles. Therefore, using abrasive water jet process, require particular attention in these areas, and to raise awareness of prevention and safety awareness.