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Some Of The Precautions Used By The Flap Disc

Today, the main introduction for the steel derusting industry for some of the use of Flap Disc Note:

These occasions on the rust of the working environment is poor, while the quality of the Flap Disc is extremely high, in most cases, the equipment is supporting large diameter thick wheels, the required strength to be high. In the high-speed rotation of the working environment, the wheels are required to have sufficient strength to prevent the emergence of the wheel burst. Reinforcement is an important part of production. Because the quality of the Chiba belt itself is very light, even if the crack will not hurt the risk. Belt grinding is not as abrasive as the grinding wheel, especially dry grinding, grinding debris mainly composed of processed parts of the information, it is simple to recover and control dust. Polishing wheel is the higher the production efficiency requirements. Pleated Flap Disc polishing wax can reduce the cost of the product to meet the delivery time. High-speed packaging machine requirements and the previous process to have related convergence, no need to carry links, including control of convergence, polishing wax the entire production line according to the production and packaging process to do reverse order to start, the order of downtime.

Flap Disc Blades is an innovative design of flexible grinding and polishing products, the product to emery cloth as the substrate, through the bonding into different thickness, number and shape to meet the extensive production of surface polishing process. Can be a one-time clean, remove the burr front, polished finishing work, greatly improve the production efficiency, and the surface treatment effect is uniform, beautiful, does not affect the workpiece size accuracy, easy to operate.

And the production of 100 Flap Disc polishing film equipment into a hundred Flap Disc molding machine or a hundred leaf molding machine, the model is divided into automatic molding machine and semi-automatic molding machine. Zhengzhou Feng Hong Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing 100 Flap Disc polishing film manufacturing equipment manufacturers, the company produced by the Flap Disc molding machine in the industry has been widely recognized. One hundred Flap Disc automatic molding machine has a very distinctive features:

1, a high degree of automation, single to complete the machine operation, the liberation of labor, for you to save labor costs.

2, the production efficiency is high, the machine every work (8 hours) can produce 5000-5500, make money more to force.

3, the production of high utilization of materials, adhesives and belt can be set freely, serving small and medium enterprises.

4, very low scrap rate, the machine adjusted well, close to zero percent of the scrap rate, so that your production more peace of mind.