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The Difference Between The Flap Disc And The Twins

Flap Disc is a simplified product of the Flap Disc, mainly used in industrial production of grinding and polishing, is also a kind of industrial supplies products. Flap Disc base with mesh, nylon, plastic, steel, etc., the number of pages ranging from fan-shaped evenly distributed. Particle size 36 # -400 #, to 60 #, 80 # the most common, diameter 4 "-7" installed in the angle to the grinder, for the weld, is burr grinding and grinding processing, with the cymbals Grinding wheel interchangeable, good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise advantages can replace the resin cymbals type wheel, it has a strong elasticity, high tensile strength, good self-sharpening, grinding rate High and low noise, suitable for welding the weld and stamping parts of the box. Mainly used in a variety of stainless steel and carbon steel structure of the grinding and polishing.

Product Description Leaf blade, Chiba product features similar, the difference is that the number of different leaves, the use of different. Which are brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other materials of the points. Different materials also have different functions. Corundum for general metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and other weld grinding, grinding metal stamping parts of the mouth. Metal surface in addition to paint, rust and so on. Steel paper leaf blade plate with steel paper as the matrix, resin gauze fabric for the cut layer, made of resin adhesive disc-like coated abrasive. Applicable to stainless steel and non-metallic such as plastic, wood and other surface grinding, metal surface rust, in addition to paint and so on. The main features of the flower type wheel Flap Disc are: low noise, in the life of the period can get a lasting surface finishing effect, cold grinding processing, surface finishing excellent results.

The company took the lead in the domestic "harmonious working environment" concept, set up a powerful, covering architecture, ergonomics, mechanical structure, electronics, electrical science, network technology, computer and control and many other professional and technical research and development Team. To the industry guidelines for the premise, according to the customer's business positioning and its actual needs, the equipment site, plant construction, interior space, planning and design for customers to build one-stop service.

At the same time on the space of the overall planning and design, and then equipped with independent intellectual property rights, the use of modern science and technology, advanced materials and methods to create the blind Flap Disc molding machine equipment. And strive to create a whole for the louver production industry to create a modern, scientific, human culture, a harmonious working environment.