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What Are The Requirements For The Production Of Flat Abrasive Cloth

Thousands of rounds of polished fine pieces and polished surface, with a wool polishing wheel coated with abrasive paste to stop grinding, you can remove the traces of the previous polishing left. Impeller can replace the resin needle wheel with high flexibility, High grinding rate and low noise Suitable for welding and stamping of the welds and stamping parts for grinding and polishing of stainless steel and carbon steel parts. Features: The latest design allows the matrix to be completely separated from the sand tray. Manual decoration, efficient and environmentally friendly. 1000 impeller can be assembled in a variety of automatic and manual grinding machine to stop grinding and polishing operations, grinding cutting sharp, surface treatment of the best weapon safety.

Flat Abrasive Cloth rounds of the strip, the width of the strip and straight, directly affect the subsequent production of the character, the same width of the Abrasive Cloth after the shredding on the smooth, sand Abrasive Cloth silk is also symmetrical, the machine at the import and export wear is relatively small, On the import and export parts of the wear and tear of a large, and wide and narrow, easy to make round knife deviation, the width of the cloth and the yarn is different, in addition, the consumption of straight knife is also very large, Sand Abrasive Cloth silk slanting made of sand Abrasive Cloth wire wheel will be tilted, a direct impact on the use of sand cloth wheel results and life.