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What Is The Particle Size Of The Flap Disc?

We often hear the concept of the Flap Disc particle size, then we usually call the Flap Disc of the particle size is what does that mean?

The particle size selection of the Flap Disc should take into account the dimensions of the workpiece, geometric accuracy, surface roughness, grinding efficiency and how to avoid some defects.

In general, the requirements of high efficiency, the surface roughness value is large, polished sheet and the workpiece contact surface or grinding of the workpiece slope grinding, workpiece material toughness and elongation is large and processing of thin-walled workpiece, should be selected Large size; the other hand, processing high hardness, brittle, well-organized materials; fine grinding, forming polished or high-speed grinding, you should choose a smaller particle size. Commonly used particle size is 46-80. Coarse grinding when the use of coarse-grained grinding, fine grinding when the use of fine-grained grinding, in addition, the end mill should be more than the mill grinding grain rough; Grain size rough; dry grinding should be thicker than the wet grinding wheel.

The general principle of the selection of the Flap Disc hardness is: grinding hard materials, should be used soft grinding film, so as to maintain a good "self-sharpening" to improve the life of polished sheet, reduce grinding force and grinding heat; When the soft material is softened, the hard wheel should be used and the sharp edge of the abrasive grain can be kept for a long time. Details are as follows:

1, grinding toughness of large non-ferrous metal parts, sharpening high hardness of the tool, grinding thin-walled pieces and has been blocked grinding film material, should use a soft grinding; mirror grinding should choose ultra-soft grinding.

2, the same workpiece material, longitudinal grinding and cutting into the grinding, peripheral grinding and grinding, cylindrical grinding and inner circle, surface grinding, wet grinding in dry grinding, grinding in coarse grinding, intermittent surface grinding Cutting and continuous surface grinding, etc., the former should be used than the latter called hard polished film.

3, high-speed, high-precision grinding, steel freckles, workpiece deburring, etc., should choose a hard polished film.